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Doula Services

I am a CAPPA-trained doula, having practiced in the DC Metro area since April 2008. I have experience supporting parents in many different birth situations (VBAC, vaginal breech, induction, etc.), having worked at 10 different hospitals throughout DC, MD, and VA, so far. My general philosophy about birth is that the less fear and the more trust and confidence a woman has in her body, her supporters, the natural birthing process, the less discomfort she’ll have and the more empowering and transforming her birth experience. I’m also a HypnoBirthing Practitioner and a trained Hypnotherapist, so I’d be happy to explore the use of relaxation, hypnosis and visualization as much as you’d like.  My doula clients have had stellar outcomes so far, with remarkablylow intervention and medication rates.  I also have an excellent record in getting parents to the hospital at the optimal time, to maximize the comforts of home and avoid unnecessary medical intervention.  References are not published on this site for my clients’ privacy, but are provided to all who inquire about my services.
My fee is currently $885 and service includes:
  • two prenatal visits, during which we will:
    • draw up (or go over if you’ve already written them) your Birth Preferences and Baby Care Preferences to provide to the hospital staff; and
    • build a trusting relationship and address any personal concerns or issues to bring peace of mind and confidence going into the labor experience (sometimes using relaxation/visualization/hypnosis as you prefer);
  • 24/7 phone support as needed during pregnancy, early labor, and postpartum;
  • physical, emotional, and mental support during labor and birth, starting at home or hospital, as you prefer, and continuing until two hours after birth or until breastfeeding is established;
  • informational support and assistance in advocating for yourselves to
    • ensure personalized, individualized care that is truly in the best interest of you and your baby’s health; and
    • realize your desired birth experience (whatever that may be);
  • one postpartum visit including emotional and mental processing of the birth.

As a doula, I adhere to the CAPPA PhilosophyScope of Practice, and Code of Conduct.